Telecom Service

VARO “lifecycle service” is a complete progression of professional support for decision making, execution and ongoing assistance.

Our Telecom sector specializes in network services, phone systems & cabling, IT support, invoice validation/auditing, invoice processing and accounts payable management.

Telecom Overview

Network Services

Voice and data network services are the “commodities” of the telecom industry. While it does matter which service provider is chosen, the telecom industry has evolved into a highly competitive marketplace since deregulation began in 1984.

VARO professionals are highly skilled in the commercial and wholesale telecom markets and ensure that our clients make well-informed decisions, experience smooth transitions of service and have ongoing support to deal with issues that may arise.

VARO professionals understand how the wide-area network connects to our client’s local-area network and all the switches, routers and servers involved in the total network architecture. This experience leads to valuable recommendations and well-planned installations.

Phone Systems and Cabling

As technology continually progresses, it’s vital to understand which products will best serve the specific “voice system” needs of a business. Do your business operations call for a fully IP-based system or will a digital/analog system suit your needs and your budget?

VARO works with reputable partners to ensure our client’s decision is rewarded by a highly professional installation and a system design that isn’t “over-engineered”.

Phone system decisions typically require an assessment of the telecom/datacom cabling infrastructure in a client’s facilities Cabling is an unseen asset that can hinder a firm’s operations if not properly engineered and installed.  VARO and its partners bring the expertise and trust to ensure that a client’s current communication needs are met – and future needs are anticipated.

IT Support

For firms that depend on outside support to guide their Information Technology architecture, or need assistance in specialized areas such as network security, VARO and its partners are highly regarded in providing resourceful and responsive solutions.

Invoice Validation and Audits

Ensuring that contracted rates are correctly billed on supplier invoices is fundamentally important but professional audits of past invoices from all utility service providers is further recommended. Historical budget assurance and capitalizing on potential refunds from past billing errors are key elements of VARO’s lifecycle service.

Invoice Processing and Accounts Payable Management

For clients with numerous utility accounts, processing and paying invoices and managing the entire accounts payable process can be tedious and resource-intensive. VARO offers professional invoice processing and A/P management through a dynamic software-based program that even provides reporting exports that are compatible with a client’s accounting software system.

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