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DECADES OF EXPERIENCE working for telecom and energy companies has built a unique perspective among VARO’s professionals - inside knowledge that now works for our clients and their interests.

Since 2003, VARO has been an advocate for guiding energy and telecom purchase decisions.

With more than 25 years of experience in deregulated U.S markets, VARO brings a fundamental understanding of the dynamics and complexities behind state and federal regulations – and the competitive markets that have risen from the restructured energy and telecom industries.

Our advocacy decreases the time that decision makers spend dealing with salespeople, trying to see through the clouds of marketing and confusion in these highly competitive industries.

We know and deal directly with the competitive suppliers, gather the details and provide the analyses and recommendations required to make informed decisions.  And we remain at your side with ongoing support and market intelligence that keeps you informed for your next decision – something we call “lifecycle service”.

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